Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Homemade: Snap Carbine!


 This is my homemade, Snap Carbine.  This Snap variant was originally created by a Youtuber by the name of KNDoperative or A.C.E, as he goes on the forums.  It was then improved upon by Andtheherois.  If you want to make this homemade (which I highly suggest doing) follow this writeup.  Also, I apologize for weird pics.  The lighting was bad when I took them and so I had to edit them

 This pic shows the front part of the Carbine.  In the writeup, there is no fore grip attached.   The fore grip was a little something that I made myself.  How I made my fore grip was, I cut a length of 3/4" pvc and cut it at an angle.  The length might vary, depending on how far back your handle is, but you're gonna want your pvc length to be as long as from the front of your handle, to the end of the body.  After you cut that, you can optionally cut your pvc at an angle. Your also going to have to cut a large slot so that the pvc can slide over the clothespin (trial and error).  Once you do that, then glue it on.
 The stock I made was really comfy.  It consists of 1" pvc, a 1" tee, and some 1/2" pvc.  I think the way I made my stock is pretty self- explanatory, so if you want to replicate the stock I did,  hopefully you can figure it out. :)

Told you I had to edit the pics.
 I made my handle using a Longshot frontgun handle.  I would highly suggest this handle for homemades and any blaster that needs a handle replacement.
 Up in the front again, if you look at Andtheherois's writeup, you'll see that my font looks different from his.  Thats because I didn't like how the body kinda abruptly ended.  So I smoothed mine out with some hotglue and epoxy puddy.

Overall, I really like this blaster.  Its comfy, it looks awesome, and it gets pretty good ranges.  Sadly, mine only gets about 80' because of my seal.  I was impatient and used hotglue to seal my coupler on, instead of goop.  I think my seal is bad because of that.  Other than the seal issue, I really like this blaster.  I might make another in the future, possibly when the mk3 write up comes out.  But I am definitely, going to do more homemades.


  1. That's better than what I could have made!

    Great job.

  2. i plan to make a snap carbine in the near future


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