Monday, November 7, 2011

Modified Nerf Jolt!

 This is my modded Nerf Jolt.  I'm really impressed with this gun.   When I was on NerfRevolution the other day, I saw this write-up on the Jolt where he replaced the barrel with cpvc.   I had to do it.  It was easy, and took almost no time at all, and produced amazing results.

 In addition to rebarreling it, I've also added a bunch o' springs in it and wrapped 1 wrap of E- tape underneath the O-ring.  My Jolt has almost a 100% seal and I haven't even glued the barrel in permanently yet.
 Size comparison with a stock Nitefinder.
This thing is tiny and POWERFUL.  I suggest that you should go out and buy this thing.  My Jolt hits a good 50'.  Reminds me of the Cricket from MIB...


  1. guide please :) I got a jolt. really nice little sucker. don't know if I'm gonna mod it or not.

  2. Sweet i might try this! Fastforward->.

  3. You have a jolt and I heard you were in Hawaii. Where in Hawaii did you get it! PLEASE telll me somewhere in Oahu!

  4. Toys R Us. And I believe I told you at the war, in person, Solo. ;)


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