Friday, March 8, 2013

Stryfe Motor Replacement!

Super easy mod, if you know what your doing.  All I did was replace the Stryfe's stock motors, with the new ones I got in the mail, and removed all locks.

I don't really feel like typing much today, so hopefully the pics explain...

New Internals
le motors

Motors replaced
And a video as always:

The nice thing about these motors is that you get the same ranges as a voltage mod, without needing special batteries (like Ultrafires).  

If you want to buy some replacement motors of your own, go here:

I believe they also work in Rayvens.   

I hope to mod this Stryfe further in the future, but thats all for now.  It was nice modding again. 


  1. Hello, thanks for the motor suggestion. I installed the motors in my Stryfe, and I'm getting some pretty good ranges. However, my blaster now gives off a strange smell every time I rev the motors, and there's a grinding noise if I hold my blaster sideways and rev. I was wondering if you ran into any similar issues. Thanks.

    1. No, I haven't run into any of those issues. Try reinstalling the motors and flywheels again, and see if that helps.

  2. Hey whats up! I too did this to my stryfe. everything was working fine until lastnight, now only one motor spins up. Did you run into this problem? Im runnin a 7.2 NiCd RC battery on it. Ive tested each motor seperately and they both work. Have any idea what might be causing this? Mahalo!

    1. I haven't run into any problems thus far. Possibly a glitch in your wiring?


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