Saturday, June 23, 2012

Doomsayer Delay and More...

Its been awhile guys.  I've been really unproductive over the course of this summer.  I guess its kinda hard to be motivated to mod when there aren't any NIC wars out in Hawaii.

Anyways, I guess I'll just fill you in on the few things that I did do Nerfing wise.

I got everything to work on the Doomsayer, the rotation was great, the rear loading slots were good, and the range was decent.  So I made this video:

The Doomsayer project was going very smoothly, almost too smoothly.  The only thing left that I had to work on was the seal.  After I got work on that, the thing I feared most happened.  I had the horrid (and very common) rotating problems.  
After working on that for hours, I put it aside so that I wouldn't rage all over it and give it more problems.

I also got to work on another project dubbed, "The Lanard Crossbow".  Its a mod done by Ahtanie which involves making a Lanard Handcannon, bow powered.  
I can't post a picture of mine, as it is disassembled at the moment, but here is a link to the write-up and Ahtanie's video.

Link to write-up: here!

So thats pretty much everything Nerfwise that I've done over the summer.  Not much to show for, I know.  I've been playing too much Minecraft!  

Darn Creepers...

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Look What I Got!


But I don't have rings...
  The Tornado was first introduced in 1998 with the Koosh Vortex line along with blasters like the Tornado X/2 and the Fastfire. The Tornado was the largest of the Vortex line and was to be used as a 'sniper' because of it excellent range of roughly 65'. Unlike most blasters, this fires rubbery green rings which also help with its range.
Compared to my PAS
  While it is a great stock blaster, the ammunition for this blaster is hard to come by. Most people seek out this blaster for its very comfortable shell. The stock and foregrip pretty much melt to your body, but the Tornado's handle could be better. The handle resembles the feel that of an lsfg's.
So why buy buy a blaster that you can't fire? To change its internals and make it awesome. Why else? You probably won't see this thing for a while unfortunately. I do not have the tools to replicate the great work others can do to this... Commisioning this will be expensive. Time to try to save up on teh monays :P


Friday, June 1, 2012

A Superlative LS Plunger Head!

Ah, it feels great to post a modification again...  Or a homemade rather.  
Actually, its kind of both.  A "homemadificaiton" as Ice would say.

Cue the back story.

I was sitting in my chair, thinking about my Longshot, and how I could improve the seal.  I happened to glance over at my desk and saw the Superlative plunger head that I made for my failed Snapbow, and remembered how people were using Superlative plunger heads in Snap Carbines, that have similar plunger tube dimensions as Longshots.

I had one of them "light bulb" moments, and got working.  Within a few minutes, I managed to fit the Superlative plungerhead on to the Longshot's plunger rod.  It fit perfectly, and sealed wondrously.  So I re-assembled my Longshot and tested it out.  Sure enough, it gave me a 100% seal.

If you want to replicate this, the key to getting it to work is matching the thickness of the stock plunger head.  If your homemade plunger head isn't as thick as the stock one, the blaster won't be able to catch.

Mine is a little to short, and the catch slips sometimes.  Its an easy fix though.

Watch the video below for a comparison of the two plunger heads, and a seal test:

Just another simple but effective mod for your Longshot!  I suggest everyone try it.