Saturday, February 4, 2012

N-Strike Elite Line: 75 Feet?!?

So I just saw a possible new line of Nerf blasters over on Urban Taggers and Nerf Mods and Reviews.  This new line will be supposedly be called the Nerf N-Strike Elite.  

Pics of two of the blasters called the Rampage and the Retaliator have been "leaked".  They both show very similar cosmetics to that of a Raider and the Recon, except they look a lot cooler. 
All pics are from the Urban Taggers Blog.

Along with this new line, Nerf is releasing new darts, as seen in the pictures above.

The boxes of these new blasters claim a range of 75 feet!  This really puzzles me, because the original Recons and Raiders only shoot 25-35 feet stock and when modified (without the assistance of an OMW kit), they'll shoot at BEST 50 feet.  

What changes did Hasbro make to these blasters to make them shoot 75 feet?  If these blasters actually do hit on par with these claimed ranges, Hasbro has definately "tweaked"  the internals of these blasters.

1.  Possible Larger Plunger system?
A possible reason why these darts are going so far is that Hasbro has enlarged the reversed plungers of these blasters to give them a larger air out put.

2.  The New Darts?
Do these mysterious blue darts play a part in these insane ranges?  If you look at this post from Urban Taggers, it looks like the design of the dart is similar to that of a Screamer dart, except with a smaller head.  

3.  Beefier Spring + Better seal + Less efficient AR?
It could be possible that Hasbro will in a sense "pre-OMW"  these blasters with a stronger spring, better seal, and a Less efficient AR...

4.  Entirely New Internals?!
I'm doubting this idea, however it still might be possible.

There are many more things that Hasbro could have done to these blasters to achieve these amazing ranges.  I think that these darts will definitely have an impact on the range because of the way they appear to be built.  Why do you think that these blasters boast 75' while their predecessors barely pass the 30 foot mark?  Will they re-make more blasters like the Longstrike, Alfa-Trooper, Maverick, and Nitefinder?

Leave a comment below on your opinions about these blasters.


  1. When i saw the articles on my DSi last night I started freaking out. 75 feet ranges!? Holy crap


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