Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Future

     Allow us recap this past blooming year of this nerfy blog of ours.

     Let us start with My Overhauled 3k! Fun paintjob. Not so fun problems right now.

      Next we got Pause's Immensely Reinforced Boltsled Write-up! It's super effective!

     We also got Pause's Snap Carbine! Deals 100'+ feet of damage!

    Er.. Pause likes small things. He's so much more productive.... Super leet, yo.

          I did this.

                                                   Yup. We did a bunch of other cool bigger stuff too.
                                                    Look for them in the older posts. Do it. Naow.

                Check out Pause's YouTube Channel as well as Mine for some mod party fun stuff.

 Been a cool year. We reached 40k recently. Should I do a give away? Need a bit more traffic here.