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Fourty thousand people somehow viewed this pretty little blog of ours.

Fourty thousand.
40- fricking k.


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Friday, September 7, 2012

IModify's Great Dart Swap!

I stealed this picture.  Teehee
Just thought that I might spread the word to those who are reading this blog and might be interested.  
My good friend, iModify, is having a dart swap which is basically a big organized dart trade.  I myself have never participated, but I might this time, just for the heck of it.  :)

The rules of the dart swap are simple:

1.  They have to be Nerf darts or stiffens

2.  If you are sending Nerf darts they have to have something special about them
It could be colored, Modded, Anything special you can think of 

3.  The darts can not be damaged, but can be vintage.

4.  You must send 10 or more darts to your swap partner.

5.  You must give iModify a name to call you by.

6.   Please send a note of what you have sent with your darts!

Heres basically how the dart swap works:

You email iModify, telling him you want to join at: nerfmods12(at)live.com

You must give iModify your full mailing address.

You have until 9.12.2012 to tell iModify you want to be apart of this swap.

There will be groups of two that will be randomly selected to swap.

iModify will then email you back and tell you where to send your darts.

And if you would like, when you get your darts send iModify an email back to him with a pic and i'll post it on iModifyNerfs!

According to him, shipping is usually 2-4 USD.  

So, for those of you who are interested in joining, please follow the link to his blog post and reply saying you are interested: 

The deadline is 9.12.2012 to enter, so you'd better hurry!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Painted Maverick!

First off, I really hate Mavericks.  They have really small air volume, and don't get phenomenal ranges after modification.  But they look so good when they're painted!

"Extreme Cholo"
This Mav was for my friend for his birthday.  I just did some simple mods to it, air restrictor, penny addition, things like that.  I also gave it a blue, yellow, and grey paintjob upon his request.  I think it turned out really nice looking!

"The Epic Star Wars"
He wanted me to write "The Epic Star Wars" and "Extreme Cholo" somewhere on the blaster, so I did.

My sig
And I also put my sig on there too. :)

Full barrel drop
Its perty.
I'm really happy how this Mav turned out.  It was fun painting a Nerf gun, as I haven't done so in a while. I'm going to be sad to see it go.

And as always, a video:


Sunday, August 26, 2012

Long Overdue Snapbow Post

  Sorry for the lack of posts, but school has been taking up quite a bit of my time lately.

  This is a pretty standard snapbow. Verticle foregrip and stock addition makes this a comfortable blaster. It gets about 110' with my blue tip slugs and a single 10'' cpvc barrel.
   Everything is mechanically fastened with the exception of the trigger and foregrip piece superglued and hotglued onto the main plunger tube. It achieves 7'' of draw the a k26.

   A few things need to be fixed though. It needs a hopper. The handle is falling apart so I probably have to fix that.


Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thats All for Now Folks!

After much thought, I've decided that I'm going to primarily post things to my Youtube Channel, and stop blogging for now.  Blogging simply takes up too much time, because you have to take the pictures, and make a good write-up, etc.  For me, filming and editing a video is much easier, and much faster.  I feel like I can put out content more frequently if I just post videos.

For the time being, I will be mostly posting content in video form to my Youtube channel.  I might have some time for a post now and then, but that will mostly happen when I am on a break from school.  This post will probably be my last for awhile...

 However, that doesn't mean that my last post can't be entertaining!  Here are two videos of projects that I have completed; a BrokenSVT 4B, and a "Stocked" Sceptor!

Thanks for reading guys, and I'll see you in Youtubeland!


Monday, August 6, 2012

Goodbye Blogging?

Hey everyone, this is going to be an update post regarding my blogging.

My summer has long ended.  :(  This year in school is going to be a lot more busy for me, and I won't have much, or any time, to mod and because of this, I probably won't be posting much on this blog.  Now, I could post things like Nerf news, speculation posts, and things of the like, but this blog is more of a mod intensive blog.  I figure that other blogs (NM&R, UT, TT) already cover this side of Nerf, so I wanted Pacific Nerf to be a blog dedicated to mods.

Another thing regarding my posts, some of you may have noticed, but they have been mostly containing videos, and hardly any pictures.  This is simply because filming and editing video is much easier than taking pictures and writing about a particular blaster.  I *might* stop blogging, and mainly make videos but that won't be any time soon.

In short, this year I will most likely be posting less frequently, and making more video posts, and less write-up type posts.  I made this post because I wanted to update the readers of this blog who might have begun to wonder where I went so I could avoid the "did you die?" comments.

Thanks for your understanding, and until next time!


Friday, July 27, 2012

MOAR Mod Party Fun!

Soloz1 Pause and I had another mod party. We didn't accomplish much this time, but it was still fun nonetheless!

We made another Big Blast a video, just for your entertainment too!  Check it out:

Thursday, July 26, 2012

More Mod Party Fun!

Soloz1 and I had another mod party.  We didn't accomplish much this time, but it was still fun nonetheless!

We made another Big Blast video, just for your entertainment too!  Check it out:

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Modified Battlemax Sceptor!

This is the finished Battlemax Sceptor.  It was quite an easy mod, which yields great performance.  The mods done were 1/2 Pvc couplering, minimization, and pump handle replacement.

In most Sceptors I've seen, people like to use pvc wyes for the pump handles.  I didn't use a wye because of thee reasons. 1: I don't have one, 2: I think it looks ugly, and 3: its a waste of a good wye.  So, I used the original pump handle.  I just cut it down, and glued it on with hot glue.  I think this looks much better, feels much better, and is much easier to obtain than a wye.

I followed andtheherois's write-up on Nerfhaven when I modded my Sceptor.  In his writeup, he used a 1-1/4" to 1/2" reducing bushing for the coupler.

I plan to eventually use a hopper on this blaster, but until then I'm going to use the cpvc breech I made.

Overall, this is a great blaster to mod.  Its relatively cheap, pretty easy to mod, and fires great.  You can't really go wrong with this one.

And as always, a firing demo:

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Battlemax Sceptor Review!

This is my review of the Battlemax Sceptor.  Sorry, no pics this time as they got deleted when I imported them, but here are some videos that I made!

First is the review:

And here is the firing demo:

Thanks for reading/watching!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

MIG Style Stefans!

I saw a post by Makeitgo awhile back on NerfRevolution on how he makes his darts.  Apparently, the way he made them, they got much better ranges than the normal stefan.
MIG stefans
So I decided to give it a try, and wow.  These darts are amazing!  I saw an immediate 10 foot increase out of all of my blasters, just by using these darts.

Supa domey
One reason why these darts work so well, is because they are very domey.  By following his instructions in his writeup,  I made almost perfect domes on every single dart that I made.

Strawz: dey help yo.
Because he uses stock dart foam for his darts, they have that hole in the middle.  That hole is one of the big reasons why they get much more range.  That hole allows for more air to be pocketed behind the dart in the barrel, before it is pushed forward, therefore increasing range.  The straw insert helps with the rigidity of the foam, so it doesn't squish down in the barrel from the air pressure.
Make some now.
Overall, if you want to use the true potential of your blasters use these darts.  However, they are slightly more expensive, take more time to make, and are more difficult to make than regular stefans.  Personally, I will be trying to make and use this type of dart more often.

Thanks Makeitgo!

Link to his write-up, here.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Cpvc Breech!

Just a pretty basic Cpvc breech.  It didn't take long to make.  Its made from a Nerf Hornet pump tube, and cpvc (obviously) and fits into any 1/2 pvc couplered blaster.

Supa 1337
The Hornet pump tube nests over cpvc fairly snugly, and creates a good, but not perfect seal.  It all depends on the batch of cpvc though, as some batches are a bit "fatter" than others.

Open breech
The slot I cut for it is long enough to accept streamlines and stefans.

A very simple and basic breech.  It shouldn't be hard to replicate if you wish to do so.

And finally, for your viewing pleasure, a demonstration video:

Thursday, July 12, 2012

30,000 Pageviews!

Pacific Nerf has hit the 30,000 pageviews mark!  Thank you all so much for reading and supporting this blog.  I apologize for its slow productivity recently, none of us really have anything of worth to show!  :\  However, stick around because I'm about to preform a very unique and special mod that will definitely be worth the wait!

Again thank you for all the support!  Leave a comment below if you think we should do a Q&A!


Saturday, June 23, 2012

Doomsayer Delay and More...

Its been awhile guys.  I've been really unproductive over the course of this summer.  I guess its kinda hard to be motivated to mod when there aren't any NIC wars out in Hawaii.

Anyways, I guess I'll just fill you in on the few things that I did do Nerfing wise.

I got everything to work on the Doomsayer, the rotation was great, the rear loading slots were good, and the range was decent.  So I made this video:

The Doomsayer project was going very smoothly, almost too smoothly.  The only thing left that I had to work on was the seal.  After I got work on that, the thing I feared most happened.  I had the horrid (and very common) rotating problems.  
After working on that for hours, I put it aside so that I wouldn't rage all over it and give it more problems.

I also got to work on another project dubbed, "The Lanard Crossbow".  Its a mod done by Ahtanie which involves making a Lanard Handcannon, bow powered.  
I can't post a picture of mine, as it is disassembled at the moment, but here is a link to the write-up and Ahtanie's video.

Link to write-up: here!

So thats pretty much everything Nerfwise that I've done over the summer.  Not much to show for, I know.  I've been playing too much Minecraft!  

Darn Creepers...

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Look What I Got!


But I don't have rings...
  The Tornado was first introduced in 1998 with the Koosh Vortex line along with blasters like the Tornado X/2 and the Fastfire. The Tornado was the largest of the Vortex line and was to be used as a 'sniper' because of it excellent range of roughly 65'. Unlike most blasters, this fires rubbery green rings which also help with its range.
Compared to my PAS
  While it is a great stock blaster, the ammunition for this blaster is hard to come by. Most people seek out this blaster for its very comfortable shell. The stock and foregrip pretty much melt to your body, but the Tornado's handle could be better. The handle resembles the feel that of an lsfg's.
So why buy buy a blaster that you can't fire? To change its internals and make it awesome. Why else? You probably won't see this thing for a while unfortunately. I do not have the tools to replicate the great work others can do to this... Commisioning this will be expensive. Time to try to save up on teh monays :P


Friday, June 1, 2012

A Superlative LS Plunger Head!

Ah, it feels great to post a modification again...  Or a homemade rather.  
Actually, its kind of both.  A "homemadificaiton" as Ice would say.

Cue the back story.

I was sitting in my chair, thinking about my Longshot, and how I could improve the seal.  I happened to glance over at my desk and saw the Superlative plunger head that I made for my failed Snapbow, and remembered how people were using Superlative plunger heads in Snap Carbines, that have similar plunger tube dimensions as Longshots.

I had one of them "light bulb" moments, and got working.  Within a few minutes, I managed to fit the Superlative plungerhead on to the Longshot's plunger rod.  It fit perfectly, and sealed wondrously.  So I re-assembled my Longshot and tested it out.  Sure enough, it gave me a 100% seal.

If you want to replicate this, the key to getting it to work is matching the thickness of the stock plunger head.  If your homemade plunger head isn't as thick as the stock one, the blaster won't be able to catch.

Mine is a little to short, and the catch slips sometimes.  Its an easy fix though.

Watch the video below for a comparison of the two plunger heads, and a seal test:

Just another simple but effective mod for your Longshot!  I suggest everyone try it.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Its Been Awhile...

Hey guys.  Its been much too long.

As the video above states, I haven't had any time to do anything Nerf related for a couple weeks now.  I'm sorry for the absence, but School > Nerf.  After this final week of school, I'll be bringing you much more content, much more frequently.
Thanks for being so patient guys.  I really appreciate it. :)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Elite Range = Elite Internals!

Just saw this over at Mod Works, SGN cracked open his Nerf Rampage and found this!
Pic courtesy of Mod Works
The rumors are true!  The Elite line's "elite range" is because of Direct Plunger Systems! :D

This is the first time in a long time that Hasbro has made something mod-worthy!  Thank you Hasbro!

Check out Mod Works for more pics and info:  

Monday, May 14, 2012

Sorry Guys...

Well, I'm sad to say that I am going to stop blogging.  I have really enjoyed the little that I have done, but airsoft is now calling me. :P
So anyways, just wanted say bye!  Also, I'm selling my Big Blast, so if anyone wants it, shoot me an offer at nerfroamer@gmail.com.


Sunday, May 13, 2012

3k Re-shell Preview!

Yeah, its another "sneak peek" post.  I'm sorry guys, I've had just enough time to start projects, but not enough time/resources to finish them!   .-.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy, even though it isn't a finished product.  I just have two more weeks left of school, so bear with me guys.

On another note, its Mother's Day today!  Now go tell your mom how much you love her, and mean it!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Is that... A Praxis?

Credit goes to Frost_Nerfer for finding this.  Taobao has another interesting blaster up, and it resembles a Nerf Praxis!

It has a really nice paintjob (in my opinion) but the plastic just seems weak.  I can tell just by looking at it.  It also seems a little more "blocky".
However the stock is interesting.  Its like a cross between the Praxis stock, and a Raider stock. Hopefully it extends to compensate for longer arms, or its trash in my opinion.

Follow the link for more pics!


Thanks Frosty!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Hi guys this is my latest mod. Its one of my favorites!
Here are some pictures of gun. This is a link to where bought the drain blaster Link .
Pause and I might make a video so keep checking our blog.

I hope these pictures explains how I modded it.

I made a speed loader and I integrated a handle

How I Modded My Rayven!

Here are some pictures of Rayven that I modded.  
If you want a shooting test video please leave a comment below.

Here I added two 9v batteries and a switch because I didn't like the fact that you had to rev the motor in order to shoot.

See that hole? That's where the rev button was.

Monday, May 7, 2012


Yup.  I'm making a Doomsayer.  Its not quite complete in this video (obviously) but it will be soon!  

FEAR ME!!!  :D

Well, this is Interesting!

I don't know how this happened, but my Jolt post (seen here) has the most Pageviews on my blog.

I guess people really like the Jolt!  :D

Friday, May 4, 2012

Updates: Nitefinders and Contracts!

This is obviously an update post.  I just have to address a couple things.  To start, please watch the video below:

The second thing that I wanted to address is that  I have updated the Contracts page with estimated prices of some mods.  

I will be trying to improve this page as much as possible.  So please check out the Contracts page!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

How to: Mod Your Nitefinder, My Way!

This week, I have to mod two Nitefinders.  I thought that this was a opportunity to make a tutorial on exactly how I mod mine, so I made one!  I hope you guys enjoy!
Please tell me if you like my tutorials, and if they're informative in the comments below!

Thanks for reading!


Of Gadgets and Nitefinders...

Since I didn't really formally introduce Gadgets yet, I figured that we should make a video introducing him!  And just so the video isn't an entire waste of your time, Gadgets reviewed his two Nitefinders, his GhettoFinder and my Nitefinder 1.0 (which I sold to him a couple years ago) briefly seen in his post.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Pacific Nerf Giveaway Winner!

Its the end of the month, so its time to announce the lucky winner of the Nitefinder!

Before I announce the winner of the Giveaway, I would just like to say, thank you all for entering.  I never thought we would reach 50 followers before today.  Thank you so much!

I determined the winner using a random number generator at Random.org.  This was the number it gave me:

So I counted through all the followers, all the way up to the 31st follower.  To be honest, I was quite surprised at the winner... (heh.)

The winner is....

imodify is the winner of the giveaway Nitefinder!  Please email me at nerfpause@gmail.com within 24 hours of this post with your full address.  If you don't contact me within that timeframe, I will redo the drawing for another winner.

Again, thank you all so much for entering.  We will most likely do another giveaway in the future, with a much better blaster.

Until next time, guys!


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Amazon Supply

Apparently Amazon has a 'supplies' site. Will this be the new McMaster?
It is currently in beta, but I hope this kicks off. $50 ($25 for Prime Members) or more free shipping would be epic for buying supplies opposed to McM high (at least to 808) shipping costs. Plus, they have clear pvc! Who doesn't like clear pvc?

        Amazon Supply

Monday, April 23, 2012

How to: "Nano" Jolt Mod!

I had some requests for me to make a tutorial on how to make a "Nano" Jolt.  I recently got another Jolt, which actually belongs to Gadgets (I'm modding it for him), so I made a how to video!  Check it out!

Hope that it was informative, and I hope you guys like it!

Also, there is only 1 more week left to enter for the Giveaway!  On April 30th, I will end the Giveaway and pick a winner using a random number generator.  Check the sidebar over to the right for more info!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

A New Author!

Hey guys, so some of you might have been confused with the last post.  Who the heck is Gadgets?  Well, he is one of my friends (in real life)  and he is going to be authoring on Pacific Nerf also.

Hopefully this clears up some confusion. :)

How To Make A HAMP

Just wanted to give you guys a video on how to make a HAMP.
High, Air pressure, Manual, Pump.

By the way I forgot to tell you in the video. That at the end of the plunger rod you have to glue a cardboard circle that will match the size if the hole. It is used to block air from coming out of the plunger rod.
It should look like this.
I also added electrical tape around it.

Friday, April 20, 2012

20,000 Pageviews!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Thank you for all your support guys!  I'd never thought that this blog would ever get so many views!

Please continue to read and follow Pacific Nerf!  Since summer is just around the corner, I will be modding much more frequently.  So be on the lookout for great mods in the summer!

Thanks again guys!


Thursday, April 19, 2012

SG Nerf: 25- Round Drum!

Spotted this over at SGNerf, the N-Strike Elite Rampage 25-Round Drum!  (What a mouthful)

Pictured here with a Raider
Pics courtesy of SGNerf

Head over to SG Nerf for more info and pics, here.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Saw this over on http://mileznerf.blogspot.com/, some kid actually got a Pyragon!  Apparently his dad works for Hasbro or something, so he got one early!  Check out the video below!

Can't believe it...

Hey kid?  Can you get us a Hailfire too?  :D


Edit:  Well, looks like the kid was forced to take down the video.  But for those of you who didn't get to watch it, it was legitimate.  


Double edit:  Someone re-uploaded it!  This will probably get taken down too, but here you go!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

K-9 PAS!

Revamped my old PAS. Now with internal RSCB!

Seal is iffy because my orings worn down... Sad face.
 8 dart EPICLY CLEAR rscb. Gets about 65' with scrap piece of cpvc and iffy seal. Love this thing!

Yup. Thats the reason. You can see a speck of my work table if you look reeeeeaaaally hard.