Modifying Nerf blasters is a hobby that I have been doing for around 4 years now.  Over that period of time, I've modded at least over 40 different blasters. I love to see blasters that were almost useless before, transform into and function awesomely.

If you want to contact me, just have a question, or are interested in contracts email me at nerfpause@gmail.com.  If you have a blaster of yours 
that you want featured on the
 blog, send me a few pics and info and I'll try to get it up. 

If you have some info on new 
blasters or spotted a new blaster in your area, please do share.

Soloz1, a great nerfer and personal friend of mine, also authors on this blog.  Look out for great mods from him also.

Soloz1 and I both can be found on the forums.  We are most active on NerfHaven and NerfRevolution.

If you are interested in learning about modifying blasters, or want to get more involved with the hobby, I would strongly suggest looking at the forums above.  

You can always ask me questions if you are unsure of anything at the Questions and Answers section of the blog or 
in an email, and I will answer 
them to the best of my knowledge.

We really appreciate your support.  
Please continue to spread the word about Pacific Nerf.

Thanks for reading,