Monday, December 26, 2011

Nerf Airtech 2000: Review!

 This is the Nerf Airtech 2000, or for short at2k, or even shorter, 2k.  This was a Nerf gun that was made in 2003, and was part of the Airtech line.  Hasbro has since discontinued the at2k and it has become a vintage blaster.


Yeah... Thats pretty much it.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Orange Mod Works: Recon Massacre Kit: Now Available!

Finnaly!  The long awaited Massacre Kit for the Recon is released!

Hey Orange fans,

Our Massacre kit for Nerf Recon is now in stock and ready
to ship. Thanks to everyone who preordered a kit! We're sure
that you'll enjoy the added power your Recon will have with
this kit installed.

Included in this kit:

- Trigger catch
- 2x Strength trigger catch spring
- Reinforcement plate
- 6+ kg spring (More than 2X the strength of 2.5kg stock spring!)
- Polycarbonate bolt sled with pin
- Polycarbonate breech with O-ring
- Polycarbonate plunger
- Silicon grease

You can now see an updated photo of the Recon Massacre box as
well as all the parts it comes with on the product page. We also
have a video demonstrating the contents of this kit and
showcasing increased performance when installed.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Modified Nerf Nitefinder 2.0!

There is a little back story on this mod.  
Awhile back, I this was my personal Nitefinder:
I miss you. :(
 It was AMAZING.  Great seal, strong spring, nice paint job, and awesome accuracy.  But that has since been sold.  For a while now, I was missing a side-arm.  So I decided to make another...

Random: How to "Open" a Nerf Titan.

So today my friend came over and he had this REALLY old and rusted Titan.
The thing was disgusting.  Pretty much all the screws were stripped and rusted to the point that they were frozen in their ports. However, he still wanted to open it.  He already tried to drill off the heads of the screws, which didn't work.
So finally, out of desperation, we decided to cut it open.  Luckily, I had an extra Titan shell (because I had reshelled mine) to transfer his internals into.
After much cutting, prying and breaking,  we successfully managed to save the internals and transfer them into their new shell.
And this is what happened to the old shell:
Yeah, I threw it away.
Today was an interesting day.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

3k 1.0

Hello you!

      Today we will take a look at my At3k. It is Mc#'s overhauled (not very well I might add) and is my first complete over haul on an air blaster. Stock review HERE

        First, gutted internals.
Old Tables FTW
             I removed the Goo Gauge and the faux tank as well as the stock tubing.

Stock Pump
                           Drilled a 1/2" hole through the back of the the 3k's original pump and a 1/4" where the stock tubing used to be.
Not exactly a "pump" anymore
                              I got my Hornet pump and wrapped some etape and duct tape around it until it fit in the 3k pump snugly.
I added to much duct tape
                  I inserted the tubing and shoved it in the 3k pump.

            I than cut a little off of an LFSG spring for a beefy-er rotation mech. spring.
I don't like that ruler... It gave me a a cut

                          For the tank to turret seal (which hates me right now), I cut and glued two 1/8" washers together than two the tank.
Stock washer

Completed seal.
                          Now to the turret.
Stock turret
                  I hacked of the stock barrels.
                     I also widened them for PETG barrels. I gooped them in and filled in the indents in the back of the turret with hot glue.

                       Than I cut these from the stock barrels of the 3k for a spacer.
Gluing onto the stock spacer

Completed Spacer
Rear loading slot

I'm sorry for being human. I got lazy and forgot to take a couple of pictures.

You might be able to see that it is sanded. Anyone got a good color scheme?

Sunday, December 11, 2011

AirTech 3000 (At3k) Review!

YAAAAAAAAAAY! A soloz1 post!

   Ok. 3k's have always been a dominant (especially in Singapore) primary of the NIC. Perfect size, great power, and a nice sleek aesthetic design makes these among the best.
     The airtank of the 3k compares to a 1500's and slightly bigger than that of a 2k. Very powerful and wonderful for intergrations. It's weight is a little heavier than an LFSG and about the same length an LFSG.
  Now I present to not me, THE AT3K *aplause*
This Side
That Side

Update: My Arsenal

 Here is my Nerf "Arsenal".  In this pic are all the guns that I could find that were in working condition.  Considering how much guns I've actually modded, this is not that much.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Modified Lego Atlantis Harpoon Blaster (4B)

This is my modified Lego Atlantis Harpoon Blaster, better known as the Buzz Bee Big Blast (4b for short).  The mods done were pretty simple, yet effective.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Off Topic: Coop The Vampire Slayer

I just thought this was funny:


Modified Nerf Titan/Maverick

Titan FTW
 Here is my modified Titan in a Maverick shell with a Recon stock.  Not much has been done to the Titan, the main mod here was re-shelling it into the Maverick shell.  All that was done to the Titan was adding a coupler and plugging the pump (which I regret doing).  This mod was kinda a combination of a bunch of mods I've seen.

Update: A New Author!

Hey guys.  I figured that since I don't post that frequently, that I needed some help.  So, I asked my good friend to help me out!  You might already know him...

Yes, Soloz1 will now be co-authoring on The Nerf Pause.  He's a great modder, so look out for some cool new mods from him!  This'll clear up any confusion on the last post.


Hello world!
   I am me, just as you are you. I have been asked to co-author to this undoubtably awsome blog. I will post or possibly ramble on most things Nerf. By Nerf I mean foam flingers. And by foam flingers I mean Nerf like blasters. And by Nerf like blasters I mean- You know what I'm going to stop. Good bye, you.