Friday, December 9, 2011

Modified Lego Atlantis Harpoon Blaster (4B)

This is my modified Lego Atlantis Harpoon Blaster, better known as the Buzz Bee Big Blast (4b for short).  The mods done were pretty simple, yet effective.

Mods done to it include:
1/2 inch PVC Couplered
Hopper Clipped
 You can see the coupler glued to the tank, and the hole that I drilled in the top for my hopper clip.
Another angle
 This is my hopper clip.  I homemade a PVC Wye using a cut down 1/2" PVC Tee and 90˚ elbow.  (If you want, I can do a post on how I made mine)  My clip at the top is (I believe) 5 inches of 1/2" PVC glued into a 3/4"-1/2" reducer, which is glued into my 3/4 ball valve.  I chose to do the ball valve method for easy reloading and simplicity.  I also just wanted to try something different.  My barrel is 12" of 1/2" cpvc, which is nested into 1/2" PVC.
For more info on how to make hopper clips, click here.
This angle is where you don't want to be.

Yes, I signed it.

This was really funny.  One day I picked up my 4b, and pumped it up.  I didnt know I had a dart loaded and when I pulled the trigger, I accidentally shot, and DENTED my wooden wall!  This 4b also dents my wooden fence from 80 feet away.  This gun is insane.  I love it.


  1. That's a scary gun! Don't shoot it at anyone!

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  3. Where did you get that 4b since I want to buy one.

  4. I got it off of Amazon. It was the Lego Atlantis Harpoon Blaster sold by a third party. It was $20 when I got it, and unfortunately, they've run out.


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