Thursday, February 16, 2012

Modified Nerf Airtech 3000!

For those of you who guessed At3k, you are absolutely correct!  The project that I have been working on is overhauling a Nerf Airtech 3000.

Soloz1 was very generous in giving me this 3k for Christmas.  He is receiving something very special in return (which he will hopefully do a review on).
If you want to see the review that Soloz1 did on a stock 3k, click here.
Back to the mod.  I have overhauled it the RyanMc#'s way as seen on Nerfhaven.  Write-up here.
Bye bye goo-gauge.
I have removed the goo-gauge.  I wish I could have kept this feature, however it is required for this mod.  If you don't remove the goo-gauge, it will break from the higher pressures.
Another thing that I did was replace the stock pump, with a Magstrike pump. The stock pump was short and wide, which at higher pressures is hard to pump, but this pump is long and skinny, which makes pumping at higher pressures easy.
I have also cut a slot for....
 Now to the internals.
 Here you can more clearly see the Magstrike pump replacement.  Surprisingly, it required almost no cutting of the shell to fit it inside.  It was like it was made to fit in there!  Almost...
 There was a big gap in back of the pump, which let it wobble back and forth inside the blaster while I was pumping.  I didn't want to glue in the pump, nor did I want to run bolts through the blaster, so I remedied this problem by cutting a piece of 1/2 Pvc in such a way that it didn't interfere with the tubing and still could hold the pump in place.
 In RyanMc#'s write-up, he used polycarbonate to hold the slip clutch in place so that the blaster could "click" when you rotate it.  I did not have polycarb, but a simple piece of pvc and some hot glue fixed that problem.

All in all, I love this blaster.  It came out very clean, and preforms awesomely.  I still have to work on the seal from the tank to the turret, and after that, I will get official ranges for you guys. But from what I can tell by how hard its smacking the wall, this blaster has a ton of power and the rear loading holes greatly help with the reload time.  
I highly suggest finding and overhauling an at3k.  It is a very war-practical blaster.


  1. nice right up!. I really like the cut out for rear loading. Simple, yet effective. Looks great pause.

    1. Thanks Neo. Though it wasn't much of a write-up, I did touch on things I did differently. :)

  2. So if i wanted to replace the back tube with something a little heavier so i could keep pumping how hard would that be? Cuz ive taken the top off a spray paint can the same size and it seems to fit.


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