Wednesday, April 3, 2013

New OMW Concept Art

     Earlier today, Orange Mod Works released some concept art on their Facebook page. They have a Retaliator kit in production.
     EDIT: Now available for preorder.

    The most interesting feature is the fully sealed breech. With the new kit installed, the stock barrel piece would render the air travel highly inefficient, causing fishtailing and range deficiency. OMW has included a new barrel attatchment that would solve this problem. Unlike the stock, Hasbro manufactured barrel attatchments, the OMW attatchment is sealed. According to the post:

 "The extended barrel has been engineered to fully utilize the available air volume allowing the darts to accelerate for nearly 7 inches before exiting the muzzle."


 More pictures on OMW FB page.
"Hey guys,

Retaliator Stage 2 and Strongarm Final Stage are now available for pre-order! The bonus barrel for the Retaliator is extremely limited and only available while supplies last. We will be closing the pre-order for the Retaliator once the barrel runs out so make sure you reserve one today!"
-OMW via FB

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